Privacy Policy

This is our Privacy policy Date of posting: 24/05/18 This Privacy Policy contains 11 sections. Introduction Welcome to Shotley Heritage Charitable Community Benefit Society Ltd (the Society). This policy explains how we handle and use your personal information and your rights in relation to that information. Under data protection law, the Society is the controller of that information and responsible for its use and protection. The Society is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains why and how we will use the personal information that we have obtained from you or others, with whom we share it and the rights you have in connection with the information we use. This policy describes the way we handle and use the personal information that we obtain from all the different interactions you may have with us as a business, including when you visit our offices, social media pages or website currently located at (Site) or when you contact us or take part in any of our activities or promotions. We, the Society, are the controller in relation to the processing activities described below. This means that we decide why and how your personal information is processed. Please see the section at the end of this policy for our contact and legal information. We may collect personal information from you if you pledge or buy community shares. The use of that information during and after the campaign (e.g. to keep in contact with you about progress of the project and key achievements) are uses of your information. We refer to ‘investors’, ‘shareholders’ and ‘pledges’ throughout this document. This policy was last updated on the date that appears at the top of this page. How and when we collect personal information about you We receive personal information about you that you give to us, that we collect from your use of our Site and social media pages and that we obtain from other sources. We only collect personal information which we need and that is relevant for the purposes for which we intend to use it. Personal information that you give to us This is personal information about you that you give to us when: submitting personal information via our Site following us, interacting with us and posting on our social media pages including our  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages participating in surveys for research purposes you visit our registered office … Continue reading Privacy Policy